Thursday, August 12, 2010

Experienced Personnel Convention

Today was the Experienced Personnel Convention at work. Kate planned the whole thing, but I was on the committee with her. This event is held annually for retirees of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. For the past 2 years, it has been held at the little theatre in the Conference Center. The longer I work here, the more people I recognize at the convention. This year was the best ever. Kate had arranged for the Nauvoo Pageant to present "Our Stories Go On" which was so touching, there wasn't a dry eye in the theatre. This play was about the phases of life that we go through and the generations that follow. The music was fantastic. I felt it was a life-changing experience. Then we were privileged to hear from Hilary Weeks. Her voice is beautiful and her songs very inspiring. We also heard from Heidi Swinton who is the author of President Monson's upcoming biography. She told a lot of stories about him. I knew Heidi and her husband, Jeff from many years ago. We had dinner together when I was dating Derek. They remembered me and asked me what happened. I explained it to them and they were supportive of me. It was nice to know for a surety that Derek had remarried - and to an age appropriate woman. I think all worked out for the best. After Heidi spoke, Elder Paul Johnson, our Commissioner of Education spoke. It was wonderful. He started out talking about his family and how they had created a time capsule 10 years ago. They opened it January of this year and laughed about what the children had predicted. All in all, the day was a memorable one that I will never forget.