Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Wow, what a roller coaster the last few weeks have been. It all happened very fast. I sold the condo. Everything fell into place, and at the last minute I was looking for an apartment. Luckily, I will have time after Christmas to clean the condo for the new owners. I had to move my vacation a week earlier than planned. The difficulty was that I became very sick. I have sinusitis and bronchitis together. So much for taking vacation time off. I was so sick I could barely move. In fact, the doctor told me to be in bed for at least two days. This was the weekend I was moving, so there was no way that was possible. However, in my frustration, I called my "rescuer", Shane. I told him how far I had gotten in preparing boxes for the move, and that I didn't know how I was going to do it. He and Deb came down and packed up most everything. He encouraged me to sign the lease that day and then they started moving stuff in that day. Saturday the Elders and my other brothers came to help. Brother Kasteller brought a truck. Deb and Shane were there again, seemingly in charge of what went where. Shane is the most organized, experienced, fastest mover I have ever known - and Deb - what can I say about her. She is a saint. I really needed a woman's mind in this, and she not only got in there and moved things, but she put things away and even put my bed together. I am relieved she was there. I could not have moved without Shane and Deb. I am ever grateful to them for their Christmas service of sacrifice. Evan also came, bringing his truck and lending me his basement for storage of some of the things that wouldn't fit in the apartment. He has such a great attitude about his cancer. I remember he said that we were all "terminal". Shawn came and reminded me what it is to serve family. He always shows up to help. He is such a great brother and I look up to his great example. My sisters are loved equally as much, but I didn't bother them with this move. One reason is that I was so sick I wasn't thinking past needing the brawn to move. I know that they would have been there to help, but it all happened so fast, I couldn't see the forrest through the trees.

I wasn't sure that we would have Christmas this year. But, true to his word, Malek found time to put up the tree even though our apartment is still filled with packed boxes. This brought the Christmas spirit to our new home. I have already had Christmas. It was given to me in the form of love from my family. I hope that I can strive to be more like my family. I love the Savior and am very grateful for His birth and life. I am looking forward to seeing the family tomorrow.

Love, Mel